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Ryo Sonobe


Ryo has 15 yearsf experience in recruiting specializing in enterprise IT and Internet industries.

He started his career in recruiting and outsourcing and was then assigned to IBMfs infrastructure project manager for 2 years. After this IBM project, he built and led an engineer recruiting team. He moved to Hays Specialist Recruitment Japan and started headhunting for multi-national IT companies.


In 2008, he moved to ICPA and worked well with Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, Cisco and NetApp. He was awarded by Salesforce.com as Top agency recruiter in 2009 and 2010.

He moved to Salesforce.com as a Corporate Recruiting Manager and experienced corporate recruiting in 2010-2011.


He then re-joined ICPA in 2012 and led ICPA as Vice President. ICPA and Ryo were awarded from Amazon/AWS as top external recruiter in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Since 2016 he has been working as the Managing Director of ICPA. He has been leading ICPA and also ensuring individual consultant activities are strong.



Enterprise IT(Software, Infrastructure and Cloud) and Internet Industries.


Sales, Marketing, Product Manager, Business Development, Training, Consultant, Recruiter and Research Engineer. From Individual Expert to Country Manager.



For Candidates:

Please understand if we suddenly approach you regarding an opportunity. If we do so. It is because we have very clear reason why we contacted you and have a position you might be interested in and get high value from. Please give us a few minutes to introduce our customer, and the challenging position we have which might be of interest to you.


For Customers:

ICPA is a very unique company that we propose contingency fee recruiting but similar retainer search recruiting. We are an agency who meets customersf needs with a promised amount of working activities. We donft use any Job Advertisement, we only approach prospective candidates who are not looking for a job. Therefore we approach only high value candidates who are a great match for your requirements. We search your competitorfs employees and search community activity with Google search. If you have a position with complex criteria and a specific target candidate, ICPA will work well for you.


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